Can't install via npm install -g @vapid/cli


I’m having issues installing Vapid through the npm command on Mac. I tried both with and without sudo but I get error messages on both occasions. When I try npm install -g @vapid/cli this is the log I get:

I believe this is more about npm however right?

Thank you very much!


@marcotiberio Take a look at this thread—sounds like a similar issue: Install not working


Thanks for your suggestion @scott! After reading the article I was able to install it by removing -g.
However now the command vapid new path/to/project/folder doesn’t work. I tried to install a new .bash_profile and run /usr/local/bin/ | grep but it returns is a directory. I tried to update my npm prefixes but still can’t run the command.


Solved. After recreating a .bash_profile and .profile files all went into place!

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