Changing images

If I were to try and use this software for an ecommerce store, would there be a way for me to change the output of the body type=image to add more beneath the photos and make them to where I could add prices etc?

Yes, I think so. You’d probably want to use a repeating group for your products, and the add additional fields for the description, price, etc. For example:

<ul class="products">
{{#section products}}
    {{photo type=image}}
    <a href="#">Buy for ${{price type=number}}</a>
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I’ll give that a shot. So far I’m loving this software. I’m honestly amazed at how easy this is to learn and use. I thought concrete5 was simple to use. Only issue now is finding a host that supports node.js. I don’t have any node sites so it hasn’t mattered before… Thanks for the help!

edit: It works perfectly!

Great! And thanks for the kind words about Vapid.

Now what about product pages? How would this cms handle that. Ideally click on image of product and open page where you can select sizes/colors etc and then purchase button links to cart… Im trying to avoid making hundreds of pages.

Edit: Nevermind. I read the documentation a little more carefully and I guess I misunderstood the first time what the “link to repeatable content” section meant.