Data linking -- is it possible to associate data in multiple places conditionally

Hi there! Enjoying Vapid so far, and really hoping to use this across our company as our solution to many content management headaches for marketing sites.

So for context, we’re building a site that has a running list of two data sections, “Shows” and “Hosts”.

Using sections for “Shows” is perfect, as we can loop through them with ease. Currently, we’re discussing doing the same for “Hosts”. Again, no problem.

How might I link (or tag?) multiple shows with their associated hosts without adding duplicative data. Alternatively, we looked into the section within a section option, and doing multiple loops, but again, we run into the instance where a host may be associated with multiple shows, so we’d be adding their data in multiple times.

Would some sort of tagging system make sense? Or a way to associate data conditionally? Essentially looking for a way to add data once and display it conditionally in multiple places throughout the site.

Happy to elaborate if I was unclear in any way. Thanks again for your support and great platform!


@zohf Thanks for the kind words about Vapid. I’m looking forward to seeing what you build.

I see that you chimed in on the GitHub issue. I’ll give it some further thought, and see if I can contribute to a solution.

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Hey @scott, thanks so much!

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