Delete previous fieldsets from admin


So I hade made a “blog” page and had been wondering why the slug didnt appear in the url. Well after reading some comments I found that if its the repeating content as long as there was a fieldset with name or title it was automatically populated as the slug plus a unique id. The question is, I had previously made the #section with a prefix for the title, ex popup_title

When I try to remove the old fieldset and add a new, the old one stay in the admin. Adding the new one names title works for the slug and keeps the same post thanks to the id, but I cant get rid of the previous fieldset.

Its not a super dire issue, but I am curious to any possible insight. Like if I’m missing something obvious



@Hadr619 I’m not sure I entirely understand what’s happening. Are you saying that you still see “Popup Title” in the Blog form, or something else?



@scott sorry for the confusion. I had created one field called popup_title realizing I need it to be named title for the slug in the url, I changed it to title.
In doing so, I get the new field but the old one is still there



@Hadr619 Gotcha, thanks. Would you mind sending me a zip of your site in a private message? I’d like to see if I can reproduce the problem, and write a patch.



@scott Sorry for the delayed response, yeah what would be the best way to get it to you?