Deleted my package.json content by accident!

I accidentally deleted my package.json content and can’t figure out how to fix it :frowning: Can someone advise me on what to do please?

First question would be, are you using any version control, like Git?
That would make things a lot easier, but if you don’t the next question would be if you have installed a lot of extra npm packages that weren’t included in the install of vapid

no extra npm packages, and no :sweat: I didn’t use a version control. Learning experience i guess :sweat_smile:

@Hadr619 any leads for me?

Well at that point if it was just the package.json from the initial install of vapid, I would just make another vapid project and copy the contents from that. The issue would be if you started adding more npm packages for the project, but if not then hypothetically you should be able to use the same from package.json from a new project.

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