Deploy different sites from same computer

I have two accounts in vapid and what I am trying to achive is to deploy my new site to its new account, but when i use the command lines it is trying to overwrite my old site, that is hosted in another account. I am guessing that my terminal is linked to my old account, what should i do to separate my commputer from the first account i created?

@diegocerzel Right now, the Vapid command line tool only supports one login. I can look into adding a vapid logout feature, if that would be helpful in the short term, although it would still mean that you’d have to login/logout as you switched between accounts. Would that be OK as a temporary solution?

That sounds like a good solution to me. I’m having a similar issue. I setup a vapid site on one computer but I need to move it to another computer. Is there a way I can do this?

So I have Computer A and Computer B. Computer A is connected to Site 1. I need to move Site 1 from Computer A to Computer B. Can I do this by setting up a new vapid site on Computer B and then changing the admin email address in Site 1 to a new email address that Computer B can use exclusively? Will doing that effectively transfer the site to another email address?

@aaron I’m not sure I understand the scenario. I usually share sites between two computers via Git/GitHub.

I need to move the site and use it with a different vapid account. I thought I was unable to do that because sites were linked to one vapid account. I guess I’m just not sure how to make that switch. Do I just change the admin email address for the site I want to move?

If you move the site to a new computer, and want to use a different login, you can remove the “site” attribute from the package.json file (under “vapid”). That will effectively force Vapid to deploy a new site.

Okay perfect thank you! So do I just change it to this?

"site": ""

I would just remove that line altogether