Does Vapid support Firebase?

As the title suggests, I’m using Firebase Hosting to host a simple portfolio website that I wish to hand over to a client. The client has to be able to add/delete/update the title of the projects in the portfolio, the images/videos/links in each project, some pieces of text and also be able to delete the entire project (an entire div in this case). Would Vapid work in this scenario?

@user1234567 I’m not entirely sure, but my guess is that Firebase wouldn’t work as a hosting solution. For a couple of reasons:

  1. From what I understand, Firebase hosting uses cloud functions (i.e., runs everything from an index.js file or the like). Vapid assumes that you’ll have access to the vapid executable to run vapid start for hosting—I don’t think Firebase hosting allows this.
  2. Vapid requires that you use a Sequelize-compatible database (, and Firebase isn’t one of the supported adapters. Technically, you could run your site on the default SQLite database (the one Vapid uses in development), but I don’t think you’d want to run that sort of DB in production.
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Thanks for the help @scott I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’m considering as a solution to my problem. Since it supports Vapid, I’ll set up a simple CMS there, hook it up to a custom domain and hand over the website to my client. Do you think that would work?

@user1234567 I wouldn’t recommend Glitch for a production website. The sites go to sleep if they’re not being used, which would be probably be a bad experience for your client’s visitors.

If you’re comfortable setting up your own server, I’d recommend checking out DigitalOcean (tutorial).

If you’re not comfortable setting up your own server, or would like a ready-made solution, you can checkout Vapid’s own hosting service ( – signup for a free account and issue a vapid deploy command). Note: Vapid’s hosting is a paid service, starting at $7 a month.

Hope that helps.

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I recommend using Digital Ocean for production, they even have managed databases using Postgresql now. You can be and running on a $5 droplet no problem

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@scott How about using to hit the website every couple of minutes to keep it awake? I don’t mind paying for a hosting service but it’ll be great if it’s a free solution as the client websites are really simple.

Also, can you share more details about Vapid’s hosting service? Like how many websites under one plan, storage limit, bandwidth limit, et cetera.

Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

@Hadr619 Thank you. I’ll definitely take a look at Digital Ocean :slight_smile:

@user1234567 Of course, here are the current plans:

Plan Name Number of Sites Bandwidth Monthly Price
Free 1 unpublished 1GB $0
Single 1 10GB $7
Personal 5 50GB $15
Small Business 20 200GB $35
Agency Unlimited 1000GB $200
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