ERROR: Migration create-user.js -- Not able to start development server


Hi there I need help running the development server, I got to the part where I was able to install and create a new project folder but I encountered this error. when I run vapid start . from my project folder this is what it returns me.

==> Starting the development server... ERROR: Migration 20180513195752-create-users.js (or wrapper) didn't return a promise


I’m having the same error actually.


I got an answer from github and they just released v0.3.3, which should fix this problem.

To update: npm install -g vapid-cli


@aprilapple Thanks again for submitting this as a GitHub issue. And a second thank you for following up here to answer @jpicand’s message.


It seems to work fine!! At least no more error is beeing shown!
Thanks a lot @aprilapple !