Error Partials subfolders

Hello! When I use the partials in 2 subfolders, the item doesn’t recognize me, someone knows why, thanks!
{{> components / home / header-home}}


@thedeus11 Not sure if the forum formatting added the spaces, but there shouldn’t be any between the slashes. i.e.,

{{> components/home/header-home}}

Thanks for the reply Scott, Yes, the spaces are added by the forum, but the address is the same as in the documentation and I am not sure why it does not recognize it.


Only recognizes components when they are in a subfolder

That’s strange. Maybe we can try a couple of things:

  1. Can you let me know what version of OS, Node, and Vapid you’re using?
  2. If you would mind, send me a zip of the site to, and I’ll take a look.

Hello, I already sent you everything you asked for in the mail, I am attentive.