How deploy to

Hi there,
i have trouble hosting vapid on, i’m still stuck at the deployment.
Do you have a correct now.json example or a short tutorial?
Thank you!

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Could you please describe the exact issue or error given?

I’m also curious how you plan on handling file upload, if that’s a requirement of your site?

@mantsch I don’t believe anything special is needed to host with them. If you execute the now command inside of your Vapid project directory, it should deploy successfully.

That said, you may want to use something other than SQLite for database persistence, so pointing your app to a MySQL/PostgreSQL/etc database might involve a now.json file. This wiki page should get you started along the right path:‐hosting

Tried it (just because I’m interested in both & Vapid) and it just upload the files and serve them. You have a folder arborescence with www, data and package.json

Btw, you should use now -e NODE_ENV=production -e SECRET_KEY=[yoursecret]

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