Photo + Link Syntax Q's

Hey there,

I’m having a little trouble getting {{link}} and {{image}} to work the way I think they’re intended to. With {{image}} specifically I’m looking to add the ‘alt’ parameter but am feeling in the dark for it with no luck.

With {{link}} I’m a bit unclear as to how it works in general. The way I’m currently using it it appears to be functioning as a text box. ( {{Link_Test type=link}} ) I’m sure I’m missing something here but if anyone’s used it successfully, I would love to see how you’ve done it.

Thanks for the guidance! Looking forward to seeing what everyone’s building

Link: <a href="{{link}}" class="login button">Login</a>

Image and Background: style="background-image: url({{background_image type=image tag=false required=false}})"

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Thanks for the info on how you’re using {{link}}.

For {{image}} I’m mainly trying to define the ‘alt’ attribute within the image. Any idea on how I can accomplish that?

try <img src="{{my_image tag=false}}" alt="{{my_image_alt}}">