Re-deploy a deleted site

I tried out the hosting for few moments, then deleted the site somewhere via the hosting admin panel. (I thought it would be the easiest way to “unpublish” the site) Now I’d like to deploy the same site again. When running vapid deploy, it says ‘exists’ for the files and ‘Upload complete.’ When I go to the url it gives me, I get the ‘Sorry, no website exists at this address’ message. Is there a flag for the deploy command to do a new deploy? When running it for the first time, it asks if the site is a new one. I can’t get it to ask it again.

From comparing the demo site before and after running the deploy command, I could see it added an entry to the package.json. I actually found out my problem was solved by removing the site id line. But it was still a bit confusing.

@mxr Sorry for the slow reply.

Sounds like a bug. Send me a private message with the site details, and I’ll look into it for you.