Sass error: no such file or directory, scandir 'node_modules/node-sass/vendor'


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@Hadr619 reported:

I have gotten everything installed, got it run but when I run npm start I get what looks like webpack issues with the scss/css and js. Site shows up and I can access the admin and change text but currently no styles are showing for website or admin

And I suggested to try:

npm rebuild node-sass

But that didn’t work. I found this post on StackOverflow that had originally suggested the rebuild. One other commenter suggested deleteing node_modules entirely, and then running npm install again.

Self Hosting Vapid

The errors above were resolved by installing
nodejs through nvm
instead of apt-get install nodejs,
but I am still getting the same issue with no scss compiling


Oh, I misunderstood. So Webpack/Sass is no longer throwing the “no such file or directory” error? A few more follow-up questions:

  • Are you still not seeing dashboard styles? If so, what URL is it trying to load? e.g., http://localhost:3000/dashboard/stylesheets/dashboard.css
  • When you try and visit the stylesheet directly (either in the browser or via curl), what type of error are you getting: 404, 500?
  • What version of Node are you using?
  • Are you trying to deploy the default “Hello Vapid” site, or have you already customized your project?


No worries, as you said everything started to get mixed in the last thread.

  1. I am seeing the dashboard styles, and am seeing the styles when I go to $DOMAIN$/dashboard/stylesheets/dashboard.css
  2. When I try to view $DOMAIN$/stylesheets/site.css I get a 404
  3. Node -v 10.11.0
  4. Currently trying to get the whole set up working using the “Hello Vapid” site.


@Hadr619 Thanks for the info. Glad to hear you’re at least seeing the dashboard styles.

If you’re up for it, let’s try a few things:

  1. Stop the Vapid development server. Create an empty stylesheet (e.g., www/stylesheets/test.pack.scss). Start the server, then visit $DOMAIN$/stylesheets/test.css
  2. If #1 doesn’t work, try creating a standard, non-webpack stylesheet. (e.g., www/stylesheets/test2.css), and see if you’re able to view $DOMAIN$/stylesheets/test2.css
  3. If #1 does work, try emptying the contents of site.pack.scss, and see if you’re able to view $DOMAIN$/stylesheets/site.css


@scott Curiouser and curiouser.
I tried all three and each one resulted in a 404.
I even created a new page.html and that is showing 404 as well, but this all works when I develop locally


@Hadr619 If I may jump on this discussion, I don’t know much about how you were not able to get the styles to render, but what I have knowledge of is the error 404 that all your pages are having.

With my own experience, I found out that while trying to deploy vapid to Digital Ocean, I found out that the WWW folder was disabled using git/github. So what I resolved to do was use SCP. It’s an an FTP like app that lets you upload your files to digital ocean. When I used this method to upload my localhost pages, it worked for me.

So bottom line, check and confirm that the WWW folder is properly uploaded and working.

Hope that helps


@Hadr619 Weird. Is Vapid being proxied behind Nginx or the like? Also, do you see Vapid logging the 404 requests?


@seekersapp2013 Thanks for the response but thats how I originally uploaded the project too my droplet. I even did a vapid new test on the droplet so I know all the dir/ are there.

@scott After looking through everything I eventually checked my nginx server setup for that particular domain and when I comment out the try_files everything works fine, so at this point it looks all good. Styles are showing and even the uploaded Image I used is showing.Thank you so much for the response on the issue and I look forward to working with it as it seems exactly what my friend I have been wanting for quick SPA that clients could easily change images or text


@Hadr619 Great! Glad to hear it worked out. Looking forward to seeing what you build.