Smoother install, please

I actually loved this product. Keyword loved. The big problem is, the install is never smooth. I’ve had to dive deep into obscure stackoverflow posts that are only tangentially related to get only somewhere close to working on my machines. Now, that doesn’t even work. Already gone through these forums and posts. The magic npm i -g @vapid/cli --unsafe-perm doesn’t work either (and honestly we shouldn’t need to do that). And then when that fails, the system doesn’t know to remove the bad install when trying again. You have to hover in the directory of the install, removing the unfinished work until it finally decides to move forward. But this time, I’m just too tired. So please, fix this and make it easier. I want to tell the world how great this is.

@ddamato Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, some of this is inherent to the difficulties of installing Node packages. That said, I often feel the same frustration, and will look into ways to improve the install process and documentation.