Upgrading from 0.3.5 -> 0.8.2 500 Error on Dashboard on prod

I have a site on production that I have been slowly setting up for upgrading to the newer version of Vapid. I Upgraded Nodejs to 11.14.0 via NVM, from there installed all needed packages and am able to run the site in development mode but as soon as I try to access the dashboard I get a 500 error. When in development mode I get this error

Would love to be able to upgrade Vapid on this server but am unable if the client cant access the dashboard. I was able to go back to the previous node version on NVM and have the site running as usual but would love to be able to swap to the newer version. Any guidance would be awesome

@Hadr619 I tried running a similar upgrade/setup locally, and can’t reproduce the error, although I’m sure I’m missing something. Send me a note at hello at vapid dot com, so we can talk about it further, share files, etc.

@scott Sorry for the delayed response in email land, but I may have found the issue. When I was upgrading the Vapid version, I forgot I had changed the way a repeating post was structured to allow the post title to be in the url. Well in doing so we lost only two previous posts, but they still stuck around on the site, so it may have been an issue with empty posts. As soon as I rolled the version back, logged in and deleted the two ghost posts, I was able to use the upgrade node and vapid in nvm no issues.

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