Vapid: command not found right after installation


I uninstalled vapid-cli globally and re-installed it. Now it won’t recognize the vapid command.

Seems like it was able to install the packages successfully but when I run vapid new path/to/folder it doesn’t recognize the command.

MacOS 10.14.1
NPM v6.4.1
Node v10.13.0

Install not working

did you try to open a new terminal instance, or to run source ~/.bash_profile or source ~/.profile to refresh your $PATH and load the newly installed commands?

Also, can you run ls /usr/local/bin/ | grep vapid and see if it returns anything?
If it does, please paste the output of echo $PATH.


I ran ls /usr/local/bin/ | grep vapid but it didn’t return anything.

I opened a new terminal instance, ran source ~/.proflie and vapid command seems to work after that.

Now, if I open a new terminal instance, I had to run source ~/.proflie again to make vapid work. Is there a way to automatically run source ~/.profile right away?


@aprilapple Do you also have a .bash_profile file in your home directory?


This is not really a vapid issue. You can find more information about .bashrc and .profile on stackoverfow:


Thank you so for the resource @walidvb I got it working now. @scott there’s a .bash_profile already in place.


@aprilapple Glad to hear it’s working now. Feel free to reach out if you run into any other troubles.